Large Rustic Twig Heart


The latest batch of these wonderful hearts are a more white finish.​ - take a look at picture 6 and 7 where a customer has sprayed hers....

Oh my.....this is just beautiful....Heavy white wash rustic finished twig heart....
This intricate country style heart looks just wonderful...thin rustic twigs entwined to create a real feature.

This will suit any room in the home.
​Very Heavy, this item will differ - no two are the same as you will see in our featured photographs, approx weight 5kg.

Measures 70 cm high and 78 cm wide

We suggest threading ribbon or thick twine through the twigs at the back and then sit this on your fixing in the wall.

This is a rustic item, there will be patches where the natural wood will show through.

Pictures 6 and 7 down the side of the main picture - are to show you how the heart can be sprayed to match your room decor - one of our customers very kindly let us use her photographs and the heart looks amazing.