Extra Large Wicker Heart


These Extra Large Wicker Hearts are all individually handmade hearts and so each one will differ slightly.

Create a feature on your wall, this heart will make a focal point in any room and suits all homes we have found.

One of our images shows how pretty you can make the hearts with fairy lights, or wire led lights...
The hearts are a subtle grey natural wash wicker finish, but are individually made, so please bare in mind the shade will differ slightly, and some may be more natural.

Measures 95 x 78 cm approx they do all differ and can range from 95 cm to 98 cm long and can range from 78 cm to 82 cm wide.

The item is hand made with a rustic finish which adds to the charm of this item. We recommend that the heart is placed on a wall rather than resting on the floor - this is handmade and held together with small pins - this is the nature of the product. No two hearts are the same, but we will try to pick out very similar if you order two together.

To hang we recommend that you thread ribbon through the twigs at the back ( like a picture or mirror ) and then rest the ribbon on your screw.