Wood and Enamel Chopping Board or Platters


Wow ! These are absolutely gorgeous and I know they will work in my kitchen ! Yes I will be using them too ! Not just for show ! Ha.

Choose from either Dot Design or Star Design for the chopping boards, which also come in two sizes. 

The platters come as a set of 3 in the grey and white star design and just how fab will they look !

None of them are dishwasher safe, but that is same with all chopping boards ! The platters are the same not dishwasher safe, but all you need to do is wash them in soapy water once finished using.

Chopping boards measure -

Large 44 x 23 cm

Small 37 x 19 cm

Platter set of 3 with the following sizes 30, 25 , and 20 cm plates ( you receive one of each size in the set )

Lime not included !